Tuesday, July 04, 2006


spread legs wide a glass jar for
the mouth of moths, all blue in folds of pink their wings the vein singing

cloth loss loosened from comb
the why for glass words mined in yellow always heart, always tender

lilac glimmer scrolled in breath
green stems along feather throatsquartz fetus in beating red light

where glimmer twins blinking unzipped
their black bones like plume rivers mending pistils under pollen, calyxed glass


Clifford Duffy said...

O Michelle, this one is like a double deckered movie marquee. It's pretty and reminiscent of APpOlLinaire's Calligrammes...
and lines like

'cloths loss loosened from comb'
display a 'gentle' alliteration which matches the dance of the words in your musical arrangment.

Michelle Detorie said...

clifford --
thank you.

is this real?