Monday, July 03, 2006


[OE. spinel fem., = OHG. spinela, -ala (MHG. spinele, -el, spinle) and spinnila, -ela, -ala (MHG. spinnile, -ele, -el), f. the stem of spinnan

SPIN v. The intrusive d of the later forms appears also in MDu. and Du., MHG. and G., OFris. spindel (NFris. spandel); cf. also Sw. spindel (MSw. spinnil) spider.
Early assimilation of nl gave rise to the MDu., MLG., and MHG. spille (Du. spil, LG. and G. spille): cf. SPILL n.2]

I. 1. a. A simple instrument employed in spinning by hand, consisting of a slender rounded rod (usually of wood), tapering towards each end, which is made to revolve and twist into thread the fibres drawn out from a bunch of wool, flax, or other material.

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