Thursday, October 26, 2006

audience / clairaudience

I've been interested in public space/ public art poetry -- sidewalk chalk, scraps of paper tied to trees, sand and snow glyphs, graffiti. The type of stuff where the audience is simply those who see/hear/find it.

I also really like stuff made out of trash/refuse.

I am annoyed by the phrase "bringing poetry to the people." There are always more people doing interesting stuff than those who receive or pursue recognition for it. I guess that is obvious, but I hate that the mode of presentation with so many poetry things (especially touring/corporate/institutional things) is like "come hear/read us -- we're poets" as if other/local people are not poets. Or as if poetry could be contained/embodied by an institution or brand.

Moreover, there is the whole question of attention and how attention itself is a sort of currency.

I'm interested in how ambient poetry works. How do you make an ambient poem?


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