Thursday, October 12, 2006

I am going to go Impunities conference. I've been laying pretty low since we got here, but I'm starting to feel ready to venture out. I never know whether I should declare that I am shy or pretend that I am not. Anyway, I love LA. I find the city incredibly stimulating and energizing. And I love October. I think it is going to be a gorgeous weekend.

I love Jessica's FOURSQUARE and Maureen's TINYSIDES. I have this fantasy that they will both create book length anthologies that contain the full run of both. Can you imagine -- all that color and splash and zig-zang language in one volume? What amazing gifts they would make. And what a great way to document exciting publications that, alas, have a very limited run. Of course a book wouldn't be the same as the issues/individual sides themselves...but they are so special. I know loads of people who would really enjoy being able to see/have them even if it wasn't in their original form.


Jessica Smith said...

there will indeed, of foursquare, soon be a 6-month edition. of the zine to date. i think. or else i might do it yearly. i haven't decided. i also have lots of ideas about how to format such a thing-- i mean, other than as a "book"-- so i'm in the brainstorming stage of creation. it's gonna be awesome, though.

Michelle Detorie said...


is this real?