Monday, November 06, 2006

psychedelic hectic

the intensity and boom and flux of the past months is taking its toll on my head, methinks. why else the constant constant throb. always, like ink blooming in water. I've become ultra-sensitive to odor. please do not wear powerful perfume to the movies, folks. It gives me sunbursts and shudders. I want to shutter myself up and curl.

birthday/new moon/scandal

candle candle candle



Jessica Smith said...

cool pic with the blue berries and leaves.

i used to feel that way about smells too. i could barely walk through the perfume section at dept stores. you might want to carry around a sachet with coffee beans in it. they clear out your smell-o-meter right quick. if you don't mind the smell of coffee, that is.

ren said...

i love the birdies!

is this real?