Tuesday, January 30, 2007

california thunder

I haven't heard thunder since we got here. january is the rainy season. it's what makes the vernal pools. today it rains and rains and i like it. my plants are green. i worry about k, who is out in the rain, and how he will get home. i worry about the cormorants. my favorite one died. he was young. it was sudden.

when i was in tenth grade i felt an earthquake. it was in south carolina. my parents were out of town. i was in their bed, half sleeping, when i heard and felt a rumble. i came downstairs and asked my sister did you hear that. no. no. later i found out that there had been an earthquake in charleston.

i am glad that i am not in tenth grade anymore.

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Jessica Smith said...

i am sorry about your cormorant. :(

is this real?