Sunday, March 18, 2007

a colt

Finder forgetter, pony
ironers or pioneers tilling
ire; mud field red
with worry. Magpie,
magician culling
the glinting tiger-eye
trigger, threading
bets, fibers. Photo-
fibber: a tensile
ribber. A colt
synthetic, ultra-
violet hoof-pixel.
A spectre sequela
untethered. Will
she still come
when I whistle?
Will she remember
her name?

we're missing?

not sure if this is how it should end


coldH2O said...

A "colt" isn't a her; a filly is a her. I like the word filly in this poem better anyway.

Michelle Detorie said...

The "will she still come" is an oblique reference to the mother/mare.

Jessica Smith said...

i prefer "colt," sonically. also i think it should end with "her name?" yes

good words in this poem.

is this real?