Thursday, March 22, 2007

fun with letters and animals

type is art is really fun. I like seeing all the parts of the letters broken up. I especially like the swash and bowl. The spur and stem are also nice.

I'd like to learn more about different types of scripts and characters.

Today I learned about the difference between California gulls and western gulls. I have a particular fondness for Hermann's gulls. At the seabird pond, the western gulls are by far the loudest and boldest.

Tim Hawkinson:

“I often — not really hallucinate — but I see something that I think is one thing but it’s actually another thing,” he said, “and I realize the visual slip and find it kind of intriguing.”

The uberorgan is amazing. I also learned this word: Zoopsia (n.): visual hallucination of animals.

I've also started a very silly blog with Jenny Rowe.

This scares me. I like it.

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