Monday, May 14, 2007

Materials as/for poems

letters, words, imprints, text, type, marks, ink, paper, language, utterance, signs, scissors, glue, paint, wasp's nests, glitter, pages, stamps, printers, pins, needles, ephemera (esp maps, children's books, nature guides, old science textbooks, women's mags from mid-century, sewing patters, diagrams of any sort, missalettes), pastels, plastic animals, bird song, chimes, twitter, honey, strings, clay, plaster, doll house furniture, leaves and flowers, sand, shells, bones, fabric, rocks and pebbles, yarn, spools of thread, markers, crayons, chalk, nuts and bolts, clock parts (gears and faces), animal prints, tire tracks, fishing lures, bells, architecture, whistles, darts and arrows, syringes, test tubes, microscopes and binoculars, looms, spindles, sewing machines, small engine parts, paper shredders, garden tools, compass, protractors, stencils, ashes, ice, snow, seeds, film, buttons, bobbins, dress forms, nets, foil, glass, books, plastic, board games, illuminations, puzzles, kaleidoscopes, funnels, vitamins, pills, make-up, pantyhose, magnets, targets, soap, windows, lanterns, colored pencils, bird cages, model airplanes, fossils, electricity, computers, typewriters, cameras, voice recorders, braille, fire/flames, sparks, ovens, utensils, tape, ribbons and adornments, light bulbs, bandages, video, html, clips, wires, telephones, morse code, suncatchers, sonar, uv light, water and hydroponics, salt, memory, medicine, the body, dreams, diaries, discs, rings, metals, zippers, faucets, notes, tones, glyphs, graphics, eyelets, nails, oil, carriages, wheels, irons, x-rays, mirrors...

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