Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

There is this. Police firing rubber bullets at protesters? And the numbers -- can it really be true that only 25k showed up this year when last year there were more that 500k?

The bellumletters april project is done; it wasn't about "a poem a day" as much as it was about a daily act of protest. This is not enough. I'm going to keep thinking about different ways to make poems acts of protest. Also, I want to make different kinds of protests.

And this is what is killing the birds. Today I saw a dead seal on the beach.

Sometimes I dream that there are new letters in the alphabet -- that they are on a string. Sometimes I dream that I am not shy and not afraid to talk to people who I like and admire because they may not like me back. In real life I can pretend that I am not this way, but pretending makes me tired.

The garden is growing, which seems like magic to me.

There have to be better ways for people to be in groups.

I am beginning to dislike things that are precious, yet I continue to like things that are cute. Eileen Myles said the most genius things about pets and gender -- how pets/cute things create a sort of gender-neutral space.

Which reminds me, I an now a *huge* fan of Eileen Myles. Also, I am determined to meet K. Lorraine next time I'm south of SB.

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