Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Forthcoming Cleromancies

I've finalized the list for the first 12 Cleromancy Games!

#1 EMILY DICKINSON curated by Michelle Detorie (june 2007)
#2 CHRISTINA ROSSETTI ("cup-like lilies") curated by Jessica Smith (july 2007)
# 3 CHRISTINA ROSSETTI ("a summer wish") curated by Jessica Smith (july 2007)

forthcoming (not necessarily in the order in which they will be published)

GWENDOLYN BROOKS curated by Evie Shockley
GERTRUDE STEIN curated by kathryn l. pringle and Magdalena Zurawski
LORINE NIEDECKER curated by Julia Drescher
JUNE JORDAN curated by Alexis Pauling Gumbs
ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING curated by Catherine Daly
AUDRE LORDE curated by Kate Greenstreet
VIRGINIA WOOLF curated by Michalle Gould
EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY curated by Susana Gardner
ALICE CHILDRESS curated by Cherryl Floyd-Miller*

*Hex Presse will also be publishing a special-edition author-curated Cleromancy by Cherryl Floyd-Miller. More about this in Spring 2008.

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