Sunday, January 27, 2008

the dreams this afternoon were all encounters with friends. In one, I was with E and we were running through the complex I live in now (the mushroom houses) but the houses were arranged in the backyard of my childhood home in sc. We ran into the home of another friend, R. Her house/apt was filled with lovely cooking smells and also all these toys from my childhood. She has a child, and the toys were his, but I was marveling at her prescience -- the way she had carefully saved all the toys from her childhood so that her son would have them. There was a picnic basket shaped like a chicken, and a red barn, and blocks and colorful dolls and plastic animals. There was also a sloping area in the middle of her place that was fenced off. It was like a carpeted well. I asked why she had nothing down there and R said that there had been a fire and had been told not to use it. I went and stood in the well and said that I would use it. E and R laughed at me. Then R called us up for snacks -- she had made pancakes for dinner and they were delicious. She also made a pastry that had warm strawberry jam inside.

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Elka said...

I can't get over the chicken-shaped picnic basket. How did it open? I will make you pancakes with strawberry jam in Wisconsin.

is this real?