Thursday, January 24, 2008

I miss K so much and he has only been gone for hours. I dozed on and off as he packed last night, trying to assuage the separation anxiety by occasionally lifting my head from the pillow to make observations about his upcoming trip: "there will be delicious food to eat," and "don't forget to tell them the rabbit-in-the-hat puppet is from me." Then he left in the dark rain which temporarily stopped but seems likely to start up again. I slept for two hours and then left for the birds. On my way to the bird center, driving up the hill to get to June's, I saw the mountains were still capped with snow. Everything was cold and muddy. I helped June change the wing wrap on a pelican that'd had a wing amputation on Monday. June speculated the injury was from a seal bite, which surprises me. I simply cannot picture a seal biting a pelican, though it is admittedly something I am not keen to picture. Yesterday it rained and rained and I had to go out and make a ditch in the mud outside our back door so the water wouldn't come in the house. Today, the steep pool of water is greatly reduced, but I am worried that when the rain resumes it will once again come close. I am glad for the rain, as it has been incredibly dry here. And I feel weird living here in this little mushroom house sometimes, because I know where it is built should really be a wetland. You should see the field beside the parking lot -- all the fields around here actually. They've all become flat silver ponds filled with birds.

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