Saturday, January 26, 2008

perhaps the point of the dream is that I ought to be mindful/pay attention to what it is I give away. In the dream last night I was once again in an apartment that seem pre-occupied. In the cupboards there were things like bowls and candlesticks that were not mine. And I was trying to improvise in the bedroom. I had taken a number of multi-colored silk skirts and attempted to make curtains with them. I tried and tried to close them but they were not enough. And when the former occupants returned (all girls, again), they were annoyed. But I did not know the rooms belonged to them. There was confusion. I tried to smooth things over. I had a small glass of spicy vegetable juice (mostly carrot -- it was delicious), and I offered them a sip. I thought that we would pass the glass around. I thought it would come back to me. It did not. They took the glass. I returned to the room with the skirt curtains disappointed. I thought that maybe I should not have offered them the juice. Outside I felt that it was san marcos. That it rained. That the world was no more than shopping centers with crumbling parking lots. I did not know whether to stay or leave, and if I left, I did not know where I would go.


mark wallace said...

Your dream description of San Marcos really isn't too far off. Very interesting.

Michelle Detorie said...

I was actually dreaming of san marcos, tx, where I lived for a year (2001-2002), but I'm not surprised that they are similar. I've often wondered if towns with the same name have some intrinsic similarities.

is this real?