Monday, May 05, 2008

other air

today it is like something they call "may gray." May gray is sometimes followed by "june gloom." What happens is the marine layer (cool moist air) comes in off the ocean and sort of sits like thin pillows along the lower hanging part of the sky. It does not rain. The pillows are not really the same color as clouds -- they are "other air" or air from somewhere else. They smell of the sea but not the smell that you smell at the beach (which is really, the smell of the beach -- that is the shore, that is the space where water and land meet) but rather the smell of blue distance that isn't salted and rotted as beach air sometimes is. The channel now is full of whales; I saw some when I went to santa cruz island. I've heard that the "blow" from their blow hole often smells of krill, but their trachea and esophagus are not connected, so how does their breath smell of what they've eaten? is it somehow in their blood?

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