Sunday, August 31, 2008

I want summer to last forever

It's my favorite. The long days make me feel safe; for hours everything is gold. We were moving for so long and now we are resting. But it all feels like running in place.

The other night -- it was dusk, really...the gold-silver light -- we saw a fox in the field near our house. It was a red fox but it looked silver. It was traced by light. The ears were pointed, the tail held straight out behind. "foxlight" I thought. That was exactly, it. silver-pawed. feather-eared. lilac-misted. paused, pointed. forever-light. deep in my heart-bones.

On television there is a story of a man who takes his red dog to the steamy night sidewalk. He emerges from silver elevator doors, crosses the polished lobby, and opens the glass doors. The red dog barks through the glass. The man walks away. The dog trots away. The dog made the man so sad.

Today, dragonflies. At least three of them, one of them clearly blue. I've read dragonflies mean money. money is so sad.

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