Monday, September 08, 2008

Everything is different

like when I wake up and when I go to bed. how much time I spend outside. what and when I eat.

everything is different.

several days have passed, and I have not seen the skunk in the yard. I saw a small green frog who lives in the mint. I've become more tolerant of moths, who I understand are important pollinators. I planted geraniums. I went to the bird center and fed pelicans. One had a wound in its mouth. Another had an uneven beak. Like the lower part did not meet the upper part. I tossed the fish into its pouch.

we were gone and then we came home. everything is different. new jobs, which means more money, though it is still not very much.

The days are getting shorter, which makes me feel dark inside. Like dusk inside -- the jack-o-lantern dark. Not like halloween, whatever that is, but something round and orange and empty --lit from within. something smudged and glowy.

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