Friday, April 06, 2007

On the BellumLetters

* Is it scary to read the bellumletters? I do not necessarily want it to be scary, but I acknowledge that link-clicking poses a certain degree of risk for the reader. Where will the link take me? will I be offended? manipulated? upset?

* I like the way links make clear the "underneath-ness" present in all text: the zip-current that binds the syntax , the sentence bridle. I also like being able to make links with the surface details of the poems -- the way a link works as a sort of metaphor-maker. But it's oblique; not literal. AWAY.

* What is "the news"? How do we get it? I do not even know what news is. Is it the most important stuff that happened today? Who is the news for? How is the news here different from the news there?

* I think of the bellumletters as being somewhere in between documentary and commentary. Also, it is highly subjective: when I select links, I'm also documenting the things that I read that day. They are not always all about the war in Iraq, but they are all about cruelty, suffering, or lies.

* This war is so dumb and makes me so sad but saying it feels hollow and vague. I don't know what to say about it. So I say around it. This is not enough.

* The "national" part is the most odious aspect of "national poetry month." I dislike nations. Why "national"? It seems strange. The monthification is perhaps superficial, but it's the national that I disdain. Especially today.

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